How to Scream?

For the most accurate results, use the SCREAMINATOR in a relatively quiet enviroment and hold your device approximately 10 inches away from your mouth. On the game screen press 'Tap to Sart' and, when the word "SCREAM" appears, start screaming as loud and raspy as you can until the small skull on the top left of the screen is grayed out.

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How to download my Screams?

Connect your device, then select it in iTunes and go to "Apps". Select "Screaminator" under the "File Sharing" menu and you will see all your screams. You can download them to your computer or delete them from the device.

What are the origins of the Screaminator?

It all started with the Growl Hero, a small desktop app that Uri Nieto developed as part of his master's program. After that, he ported the technology behind Growl Hero into iOS and created a hack for the Music Hack Day in New York in February 2011. This earlier version of the Screaminator won the best SoundCloud hack prize. After that, he teamed up with Juan Astasio and finally released the comercial version of the Screaminator in July 2011.

Can I email my screams to my friends?

Not directly from the app. This feature will be included in future versions.

Posted by Uri Nieto on July 23, 2011